Monday, February 17, 2014

And yet they live!!!!! Blog NECROMANCY!!!!

An entire edition has come, and a new Sisters Codex as well.  One would think I had up and slogged off to death.  But no, I have merely been far too busy with life itself.

I have really only been able to get a paltry three games in over the last stretch of time since my last posting.  And none of the terrain building I had once hoped for.

But "The Forsaken" remain... and they have fought wondrous battles.  Oh the things I have planned still remain... but on a smaller scale. 

What was

The Poor Infantry:  Not much expansion on these boys... I have an entire field company of artillery just waiting to be assembled.  But I need to get the men to crew them first.  As it stands though, I have three full platoons still.

Malcador Tanks:  I love the look of them... and I have three of the beautiful things.

What is

Breastplate Veterans/Engineers.  (Various bits)

Sisters of Pompeii :  A very flame heavy Adepta Sororitas army.  One of the biggest problems I have is a serious lack of accessible models.  Ebay can sometimes still get expensive depending on who is bidding.    Still progress is being made.

Here we have the first example: Sister Superior Krista Vora

Rough Rider Irregulars:  Over the course of these last many months, I have scoured Ebay and reject bins throughout the tristate area.  And I have gathered a full 55 roughriders of various qualities and appearance.   Would I like a little uniformity... sure, but to see a small army of cavalry rushing down the field upon poor unsuspecting Necrons.  I am willing to let it go.

351st Imperial Naval Wing:  2 Marauder Destroyers, and 2 Thunderbolts now take the sky together

What will be

Expanding upon the current army is still my wish.  Filling in little areas here and there as I go.  My biggest weakness still seems to be mobility, unless I am using the Riders... but then it becomes an issue of lack of real ranged power.

Slowly I have begun to put together a Chimera or two... but I am being picky with the paint scheme and bits for it. 

I would love to have a Crusade style to the army as I move forward... and am seriously trying to find more Immolator sprues to add some character to chimeras I am planning to get.  I have one already just about done... but it is tough when you are a bits guy and the bits just aren't out there anymore.

I have also found out that I have a small love for Sentinels.  Perhaps I have been watching a little too much Star Wars lately and the AT-ST thrills some part of my soul... who knows.

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