Monday, May 14, 2012

Gallayan Finest: Brollands Squad

Gallayan Finest

One of the few times I am as good as my word... I have managed to upload some pictures.  The pictures are rough, since I have not done too much of this before.

 First up on my list of units I have completed was Sergeant Brollands squad... First Platoon; Squad A. The commander of that unit stands before you.  With his smashing moustache no less.

Using a head from an Empire Militia sprue, a sheathed blade from... I believe a orc sprue.  Plasma Pistol from forgeworld upgrades kit, and the body of an Empire Archer.  Truly this man was a kit bash.  The dirty look was provided by a Devlin Mud wash... applied liberally.

Here is the Sergeant with his boys at the ready.  While not my prettiest work, I still loved the look of them on the battlefield.  I believe a bit of touch up may make them look a little better... but that will come with time.

Weapons of the squad

For the most part the Gallayan infantry regiments focus on mobile ground pounders... there is a long way to a trench, and you do not want to wait for your infantry handled artillery to slow you down.  During the first battles of a campaign for the forests of Argola... the infantry met with Necron forces.  Flamers and Grenade launchers were not able to pack enough punch to bring down the metal beasts. 

With this in mind, the command staff made arrangements to supply the regiment with plasma weaponry.  This has taken time, but thus far one company of the regiment has been fully kitted out with the new... dangerous weapons.  Several of the NCOs have also been provided plasma weaponry, which has met with some unfortunate incidents in battle when personnel unaccustomed to the temperamental weapons have... melted.

Without exception, all heavy infantry mobile weapons are maintained in separate batteries.  These weapons are meant to support advances, and target priority enemy units.  These include lascannons, Vickers Pattern heavy bolters, and other more dedicated field pieces like Heavy Mortars and Thudd Guns.

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