Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WIP Bits and Pieces

As I began this project, I had wanted to keep the units pretty uniform.  But resources did not always provide that opportunity,  So, after the first platoon, I found myself needing to scavange bits from other areas.

I am rather a stickler for having individuality in my officers.  Thus far I have been able to have each of my sergeants and lieutenants looking differant, with a little personality.  As the bits became more... scarce I looked through my tossed aside bretonnians.  Sergeant Roland here has my last Cadian officers body, and a Bretonnian knights head. 

I am still trying to get my camera to work with me... so pictures are all over the place.  My intent is to have Roland carrying a Welsh flag into battle, with a Power Fist.  This may take a little work.

More Bretonnian than Empire

With a ton of Men at Arms bodies lying around, I started to use them in my units.  The look is a bit differant, but it works.  The visual I have been getting in my mind these days is a regiment that is gathered from all over the world of Gallaya.  They bring their own customs and ideas... and the uniforms represent this in a way.

This trooper comes from the northern continents of Gallaya, which forces thicker layers upon the population.  When the Emperor called him, he brought his culture with him into the regiment.

Many squads in the regiment are working toward mixing the differant cultural groups, to make the regiment work more efficiently. 

Many heads and bodies

There are many heads out there, and to give a little more individuality to some units I started using them.
Side by side the differances are not too bad.  In a firing line I think the troopers will work well in appearance.  The finished products have gotten some good praise from several guys at the gaming store.

As regiments that constantly battle in endless wars of attrition, sometimes troopers are not able to get the medical care quickly before the next fight.  Many soldiers in the regiment have injuries like the trooper on the left.  A head from the Bretonnian Archers sprue

Two troopers made completely from Bretonnians... all that remains is to give the boys some arms.  As I have run out of Cadian legs, I have decided that some quartermaster resources just... ran out. 

More tomorrow.  Including the army list for the Apoc Game.

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