Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Special Weapons of the Regiments

It is easy to tell the ranking specialists in a Gallayan regiment.  Each one of them wears a white armor collar, which sets them apart from the standard rank and file.  Among the Gallayan army they are the closest thing to an upper rank of grunt, and they are awarded well for their service. 

To hold even a lowly grenade launcher is considered a high honor.  Not only will you be depended upon to deal with the things your brothers cannot, but your victories will be like a standard for those who aspire to rise above the mud and blood of the trench.

"When you earn the right to wear the collar of a specialist you become more than just a soldier... you become a true bringer of death to the blasphemous creatures of the galaxy.  Never forget that."  -Sergeant Galway; 3rd Rifle Company, B Squad

Gallayan Breech Loaded Grenade Launcher

A design which has seen use for centuries within the regiments of Gallaya, and several worlds throughout the sector.  The simple design allows for easier field repairs much like the ease of use of the standard issue Lasgun of the standard trooper.

The limitations on anti-armor and anti-heavy infantry has been noted in field tests and combat situations.  It has been found by certain units though, that in concentrated fire, these launchers are more than capable of bringing down even the heaviest enemy soldiers.  In the right situations, and at the right angle, they are even able to bring down enemy armor vehicles.

How it was made

-Snip off the body of a Cadian Grenade Launcher
-Snip off the head and hose of a Cadian Flamer
-Glue together and cut down any extra rough bits
-Paint as desired.

Ryza-Pattern Plasma Rifle

A newer addition to the armories of the regiment.  While only a few dozen have entered the stocks, they have begun to have a great impact on both the training and effectiveness of the standard trooper.  Current malfunction/casualty figures have been lowered to 15% during high combat situations.  Not all of these casualties have resulted in death, but severe medical aid has been required on several occasions.  Fortunately, cybernetic replacement surgery has become more readily available thanks to trade agreements.

Infantry Meltagun

There are precious few of these destructive weapons in the Gallayan arsenal.  Holdovers from the days when the system had a higher concentration of heavy industry and technical resources during the 38th millennium.  Those that remain are coveted by officers and specialists alike and have been painstakingly maintained.  Few weapons held by a lone infantryman can crack a tank like this. 

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