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Heavy Weapons and Field Artillary

Heavy Weapons and Field Artillary

As a primarily infantry based army, the regiments of Gallaya rely heavily on heavy hitting small artillary pieces.  In most battles these will be found resting behind the lines, protected by the infantry forces held in reserve.  For the most part these heavy weapons and field pieces fit standard patterns of Imperial design. 


The standard pattern lascannon is one of the most common infantry handled heavy weapons.  The sound of the cannons being primed and the light energy snap of the gun firing is a welcome comfort to nearby infantry formations.  For them, it is a sign that something big of the enemies has been taken care of. 

Like platoon specialists, heavy weapon crews are entitled to wear the white armoured collar.  In spite of this, some weapon crews forgo this entitlement for personal reasons. 

Vickers Pattern Heavy Bolter

A bulkier version of the standard heavy bolter, more akin in appearance to assault cannons used by the Astartes.  The mechanisms to fire this heavy weapon tend to jam from time to time, leading to several companies to phase this out for more standard patterns. As it is a home-built design, it is likely to still be in service for many generations to come.

Imperial Quad Launcher Batteries

Heavily fielded by Gallayan regiments to assist in infantry suppression and elimination of large groups.  While the "Thudd" guns have been in service for many years, they are slowly being replaced by the more accurate Heavy Mortars.  It is not unusual to see multiple batteries of both types of field pieces working in tandem though.

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