Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Regiments assemble

With the great devourer coming, no single force could hope to stand... thus the full might of the Imperium must be brought forth- Lieutenant Denora, 1st platoon, 5th company, 15th Gallayan Rifles


With the coming game, I was forced to talk to a few friends of mine.  One of them, Sean has a pretty substantial Space Wolves army (10,000+ points).  He also has some heavy vehicles I knew I would need for this game.  So in his kindness, he let me borrow some planes and super heavies... in exchange for pictures of the battle. 

I get by with a little help from my friends luckily.

This army list is split into 3 sections. 

  • First is the Patuxan Armoured Reserve, filled with some of Seans vehicles.  Since the Gallayan regiments have few real heavy armour, they often depend on outside regiments for support.
  • Next is the Holy Fleet contingent, supported from orbit by the Cruiser Sullian, which provides a small contingent of Stormtroopers for special operations.
  • Lastly are the bodies of the Gallayan infantry.  A full company takes the field, supported by a platoon of pathfinders.  In all... scoring units will not be in small supply.  This force uses the siege regiment rules... which makes them a little more dangerous in a hand to hand fight.


37th Patuxan Armoured Reserve

Hellhound Squadrons X2             

Stormlord armored Transport: 540 Pts

Baneblade Heavy Tank (Commissariat Upgrade):

2 Lemon Russ Battle Tanks (Lascannon/H Bolters)

Sullian Aerial Support Strike Force

Stormtrooper Strike Force

                3 Vendetta Gunships

·         2 Heavy Bolter Sponsons             

                2 Valkyrie Assault Flyers                               

·         Multiple Rocket Pods

·         Heavy Bolter Sponsons
      Lascannon replaces Multi-laser

4 Stormtrooper Squads                                                

2 Thunderbolt Fighters with all upgrades              

Gallayan Regimental Infantry

3rd Pathfinders (1st Platoon:  The Blue Dogs)

                3 Veteran Infantry Squads w/ 3 Meltaguns

                2 Special Weapon Squads w/ 3 Meltaguns

15th Gallayan Rifle Regiment; 5th Rifle Company

Command Squad:

·         Regimental Standard

·         Captain with Powerfist

·         Imperial Artillery Officer

·         Grenade Launcher

1st Platoon (The Ladies Own)

·         Lieutenant with Powerfist and Plasma Pistol

·         4 Grenade Launchers

4 Squads with Plasma Rifles

·         2 blob squads of 20 men each

2nd Platoon (The Old Dogs)

·         Lieutenant with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol

·         3 Meltaguns

3 Squads with Plasma Rifles

·         1 Blob squad of 20 men, 1 stand alone squad

3rd Platoon (The Bayonet Brigade)         

3 Squads, Plasma Rifles

·         Blob squad of 20 men and 10 men stand alone.

·         2 Bolt Pistols

3 Lascannon Squads

Quartermaster Squad

4 Priests                              

2 Lord Commissars         

·         1 with 2 Power Fists       

·         1 With Power Sword      

2 Batteries field artillery 

·         1 Battery Thudd Guns

·         1 Battery H. Mortar



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