Friday, June 1, 2012

Sergeant Roland, and Gearing up

While I still lack the arms for my troopers at the moment (E-bay will provide), I have taken the time to paint up Sergeant Roland.  As with the rest of my army, he could use some touching up to look a bit less... cruddy.

When I originally painted him, I had left the pants primed, but my wife looked at them and said there was just too much gray in the model.  Having her say that made me look back at all of my troopers... and damn it all she is right.  Too much gray... needs a little more color.  Of course, that color is off-brown, but what do you expect from me.  I love me some brown.

Equipping the Troops

As I looked over the colors of my men, I also noticed a distinct lack of gear.  For soldiers who were intended to carry everything across the no-mans land with them... they were profoundly naked.  So, I dug into the bits bin I had collected and started actually using all those small cadian extras.

Slapping on a canteen/ammo/bayonet pack and the upgrade backpack really adds some weight to this poor fellow.  The grenade launcher troops are getting weighed down with grenades as well.

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