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Who they are

Who are they?

Gallaya has been a part of the Imperium for untold generations. It holds a stance of both religious fervour and industrial focus.  As a Shrine world, the Imperial Church holds great power, but provides comfort to the population regularly toiling in the modest industrial concerns of the world.

When first found during the Emperors glorious crusade, Gallaya had fallen back into what could have been considered Feudal culture.  In the proceeding millenniums there have been some advancements, but the social order which had gained power refused to surrender completely.  For this reason, there is a great deal of power in both the church, and the nobility of the world... while the general population scrapes by.
On one of the few beautiful days... faith shines for Gallayans

Thanks to the ever increasing demands for materials throughout the imperium, Gallaya exports most of the industrial products they make.  Light vehicles, weapons, machinery parts, and raw materials all flow from this modest world.  With the constant lack of machinery due to these demands, the regiments have learned to go without.

Endlessly surrounded by the ceaseless canopy of smog and pollution, the world has few areas which can be considered for good farming.  Only in the northernmost tracts of land can even the most basic crops grow.  These are enough to sustain much of the population, but do not really prepare them for droughts or other food shortages.

In response to a massive drought in the early part of the 41st millennium, the church and planetary lords chose to mandate compulsory military service, off-world.  Dozens of regiments were raised in the course of the following years, and the population saw some relief from the endless food shortage which had hit their world.  From time to time, this regimental tithe has been increased as the need arose.  The influx of new regiments has been helpful during several recent campaigns throughout the current millennium

The Martial Tradition

From the time he is first able to walk, a child of the nobility is taught the honored traditions of his predecessors.  Any Gallayan who is unable to show expertise with at least one combat weapon is considered practically worthless... and shunned among open society.  

This tradition continues today even among the lower populations.  While the food shortages are less common, it is considered a great opportunity to be considered for the regiments... both for the families and the communities of the child.  So, many peasant children are schooled in the rudiments of combat if their families can afford it.  Those that cannot usually find themselves watching their child enter one of the many "training cadres"  

"Training Cadres" are little more then violent groups of bandits that prey upon others.  While this is a less reputable way to learn the martial traditions, in some Counties and Baronies they are allowed to act... as long as they provide a steady stream of recruits to the regiments.  

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