Friday, June 1, 2012

Conversions I have done... little bits here and there.

I am trying to be a bit more ambitious with my conversions these days... I have some big ideas in my head.  The money and time are not there yet, so keeping with the small at the moment.

Lieutenant Baeddan

As I am starting my fourth platoon, I find myself with a need for another ranking officer.

I lucked out at my local game stop this evening.  Found myself the Aquila Pilot from the old Battle for Macragge set.  I thought to myself, this here is a man with a dynamic pose.  How can I make him even better, and keep with the unique look for my officers?

With some creative cutting, and just a little pro-create, I started seeing what I was looking for. He needs a little more sprucing up, but otherwise he looks pretty good.  The angle makes my guy look a bit on the fat side... but oh well.

Sergeant Pembroke and Specialist Taran

When I first saw the Vostroyan models, I did fall in love with them.  Sadly... it was not to be.  But I do occasionally luck out and find a couple here and there for a good price.

I did not think I needed snipers back in the beginning. 

So instead, I just decided to do some creative arm changing.

  • Sergeant Pembroke is using a Cadian Command bionic arm, and a Forgeworld upgrade laspistol.
  • Specialist Taran is using a Space Marine Plasma Gun.
Strangely enough, the Vostroyan models actually fit in rather well with my army theme.  Still don't think I will buy many of these guys due to costs, but this was a nice addition.

More to come as the weekend is now upon us.

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