Friday, June 8, 2012

Turn 1 Advancing

As the chittering mass before them began to advance, the grim soldiers shifted in their positions.  The line was strong, but the enemy was larger than many had ever seen.  No Gallayan in memory had ever faced anything like this... the chaplains of the regiment walked the platoon lines, speaking of faith and fire against the enemy.

Captain Borgess looked through the viewer in his hands, and gave the order for the disruptor beacon to turn on.  As the centerpiece of the defensive line, it was depended on to stop any spores from landing nearby.  His men were tough, but still the enemy looked terribly strong.

As the beacon whine into life, a screech of anger rose from the chittering masses... and their wrath was born upon terrible unspeakable projectiles.

Tyranid Turn:

This turn saw movement all along the line, and a single minded focus upon the disruption beacon.  With Justin depending upon half his army being able to land among my troops, he could not take the chance of my rolling a 4+ when they tried... because I could then place them anywhere I wanted.

The gaunt making monstrous creatures doubled the number of tiny little buggers running down the field.  Which gave him more scoring units that needed to die.  The good news was that two of them had rolled doubles, which meant they could do no more like it.

Otherwise, the army just ran forward save for the Gargantuan creature and the biovore shooters.

The beacon was flayed by massive amounts of fire... which admittedly would have otherwise ripped apart a good number of my men.  So, in a way it was alright.

A single lascannon team and a half dozen troopers from 2nd platoon were melted by terrible flesh eating parasites.  Their screams echoed even over the sounds of further incoming fire.  The massive creature, towering over all the others unleashed a torrent of fire, sending the beacon into flames.  As the fire rose, Borgess screamed out...

"Hold together, bring that bastard down!"

Imperial Turn

Every heavy gun I had was thrown into the mass of unholy beasts.  The Fires of Retribution put all power to the main guns, and unleashed a torrent of bug killing fire into the Tervigons.  One was brought down easily despite a rather severe lack of accuracy. 20% hitting was not good at all.

The 8 remaining lascannons unloaded into the Heiradul...and it laughed... LAUGHED, as six hit and only three wounded.

In response, I called down the scheduled bombardment,  while not effectively placed... it still hit the Hive tyrant and his guard.  Two guards killed and a wound on the tyrant.  

The Master of Ordnance unloaded a shot into a group of warriors... and tore them apart.  Most accurate shooting ever from one of them.  

As the turn came to an end I looked at the side table... with all those nasty blue monsters.

If my soldiers did not have Die Hard... several would have made a run for it after the shooting, or been pinned.

Next Turn:  All hell breaks loose... on the ground and in the sky.

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