Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Tyranids, and the Terrain

Starting on the Board

Tervigon    (catalyst, toxin sacs, adrenal glands)
Tervigon    (catalyst, toxin sacs, adrenal glands)
Tervigon    (catalyst, toxin sacs, adrenal glands)
hormagaunts x30( adrenal glands)

Tyranid Prime (lashwhip/bone sword, deathspitter)
Warriors x7     (scything talons, 6x deathspitter, venom cannon)
Tyrannofex      (bioacid spray, Regeneration)
Biovore x3 

Barbed Heiradule  

Hive Tyrant  (lashwhip/bone sword, Armored shell, Heavy Venom Cannon)
Tyrant Guard x2   (lashwhips)
Hive Guard x4      

Reserve 1:Trygon                  
Raveners x4          (spine fists, rending claws)
 Raveners x4         (spine fists, rending claws)
Subterranean swarm formation

Zoenthropes x2       (meteoric spore)
Lictors x2               

Reserves 2:Doom of Malentai      (Meteoric spore)
Crusher Carnifex x2   (crushing claws, scything talons)
screameer killer carnifex x3   (scything talons x2, adrenal glands, frag spines)
Dakafex        (twin linked devourers x2)
Scything Heiradule
Mycetic assault storm formation  
Flyrant      (Wings, bone sword/lash whip, twin linked devourers)
Flyrant      (wings, scything talons x2)
Devilgaunts x20   (Devourers)
Ripper swarm x9   (tunneling)

The Battlefield

The board was huge, but surprisingly not as big as I expected for 7000+ each.  Of course, I had a lot more models to place first...or perhaps he was just more experienced in placing quickly.  The Tyranids got first turn.

The beast comes

The number of massive creatures Justin was able to bring to the table worried me.  I may field a good number of lascannons... but nothing like this.  My first turn was going to be hell.

Take your positions!

With over 120 infantry and the Defensive Lines strategic asset at my disposal.. I had the numbers.  It did not hurt that The Fires of Retribution was present on the flank near one of the crystal objectives.  I also had the Disruption beacon... which would make any deepstriking units he had have a difficult time reaching me.

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