Thursday, June 21, 2012

Test Construction; Engineer Part 1

The heads and bodies arrived quicker then I thought they would.  With a little trimming down, I started putting a couple of them together.

I made a kneeling one and an advancing one. 

From this picture, it does not look too bad.

Front and center
The goal is to use as many GW/FW bits as possible.  This way when tournaments come, I will not have much griping from others.  

Originally I was considering using some new arms I have seen previewed from Victoria Lamb... but I have since decided against that.

I do not want the engineers to have the huge Cadian shoulder pads.  Instead I intend to mold layered armored plates along the shoulders.  

As far as arms go... I am considering a couple of options.

A: Empire Repeater

B: Scout Marine Shotgun

The last option I have thought of, is trying to convert my own like I did for the Grenade Launchers.  Of the above two choices, I am leaning more toward the Empire Repeater.  The only downside to it, is that it is a rather large gun.

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